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Acme Transport Services is a friendly reliable family run business that has been operation since 2002.
We specialise in chauffeur Driven Cars, MPVs, Minibuses and Coaches for private hire, as well as school contracts.

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Revised timetable for Forest Hall School WM0010 M1 due to road closure in Felsted

The road closure around Felsted will affect our route running into Forest Hall School from 5 September for approximately 6 weeks.  Please click the following link WM0010 M1 Temporary Timetable start of Sept 2016 term (6 weeks) for the revised timetable.

Tickets for Private paying students for September 2016

Please note that students applying for transport for September 2016 now will not be guarnateed a response for the start of the term.  We will endeavour to confirm places as soon as we are able to however numbers and vehicle sizes are now being finalised for the start of September.  This applies to previous travellers, sibling of previous travellers and new travellers.

Timetables for September 2016

Timetables for September 2016 are currently being finalised. Please keep a continual eye on the website.  Many timetables may have changed over the course of the summer break and some routes have been amalgamated meaning if you travelled on a specific route last year, it may be linked with another route now. Please double check the times the evening before your school goes back in September to ensure you have the most up to date timings.

Bus passes for 2016/2017

Bus passes for both Essex County Council entitled students and privately paying students will be sent to the school for collection in the first week of term.  The driver of the vehicle your child is allocated to will have the name of your child on a loadlist and will be able to let the children travel without a pass for the first week in order to give your child time to collect their pass at the school.  If your child’s pass is not at the school please contact us immediately.  After the first week of travel, children will be refused travel if they do not have a pass.

Tickets for Essex County Council students for September 2016

If you have a place on one of our routes via Essex County Council it is worth checking with Essex if you have to reapply for the following years.  In more cases than not you do not have to reapply but, for example, if your child is transferring from year 11 to year 12 it is likely you will have to reapply.   Please contact the Passenger Transport team on 0845 603 2200.

No Pass No Travel

Please note that school contract services run a ‘No pass no travel’ policy.  Please make sure your child has a pass to avoid any confusion.  Your child may be left at the bus stop if they are without their pass once the grace period of the start of term has expired.


7/7a New Timetable

Please be aware that as of the 11th of April there will be changes to the 7/7a timetable, download the link below to view the new times.

Timetable 7_7a Bishops Stortford _ Standsted Airport


Adverse Weather

If a school route is not running it will be advertised here on the website.  Please assume your school route is running if there is adverse weather unless stated otherwise on the website.